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Recipe for Sushi:
Recipe for Sushi: All delicious recipes of sushi rice rolls and sushi spicy sauces. Find how to make sushi at home with easy recipes for sushi rice and sushi spicy sauces. Step by step instructions with photos and video to make sushi recipes for yourself at home. Recipe for sushi consists on what you need for sushi - How to make sushi meshi (vinegared rice) - How to make nigiri zushi -How to make maki zushi at home and how to make spicy sushi sauce with easy steps.  You can eat sushi with raw fish is now old concept because you can eat sushi with smoked salmon instead of imitation crabmeat served with teriyaki sauce and wasabi.
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Recipe for sushi offers the best sushi resources on the web, as well as comprehensive information on the history of sushi and answers to frequently ask questions concerning sushi. You may find some links to other sushi related websites that offer a wide assortment of sushi recipes. We are adding continuously more new sushi recipes collected from around the world so keep checking back.

Most people associate the word sushi with raw fish - may be because many sushi varieties are prepared and served using some type of raw fish or seafood. But in real, sushi is combination of vinegar rice to other ingredients of your own choice, you can make vegetarian sushi, crab meat sushi and other ingredients which can be used in sushi recipes.  You will find some exciting resource to locate the best Japanese restaurants in the whole world specially sushi in London and Sushi in America and our own recommendations concerning sushi restaurants in Canada.

Sushi Recipes:

In this section you will find delicious sushi recipes and all other recipe for sushi which includes sushi recipes for kids , Spicy Tuna Roll , California Roll, Inside Out Rolls (Ura Maki), shrimp Tempura Roll, Special California Rolls, Alaskan Roll , Spicy Salmon Roll Recipe and scattered sushi. You will find a best resource to some other websites which contain recipes of sushi to browse.

Sushi Tips:

We have some great tips from sushi chefs working in best restaurants from ages and heir special sushi tips and how to make sushi at home with easy sushi tips and techniques. Sushi tips for how to use properly chopsticks. Learn how to make Nigiri sushi which contain sushi rice with a slice of fish on top and Maki sushi which is a roll with seaweed outside with some excellent step by step guides and sushi tips on how to make sushi at home.

One of the best type of sushi with small rice balls containing fish, shellfish, etc. on top. There are countless varieties of nigirizushi which you can make at home easily…..Read More

Norimaki sushi contains sushi rice and seafood, etc. rolled in dried seaweed sheets. There are numerous types of sushi rolls differing in ingredients and thickness which you can eat……..Read More

Famous with a little different name "Oshi sushi" is pressed sushi type, in which the fish is pressed onto the sushi rice in a wooden box to give it rectangle shape and then cut into bite……Read More

Inarizushi is a simple and inexpensive type of sushi easily available in all sushi restaurants and easy to make at home, you all can eat sushi and it's easy to make sushi at....Read More

Chirashizushi is a dish in which bring with the mixture of seafood, mushroom and vegetables are spread over sushi rice, this is the sushi type for those who don't want to eat fish of seafood but like to eat vegetables so you can make vegetarian sushi……Read More


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